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This Week In Shaker (T.W.I.S.)

For those who live in Shaker Heights or in the Shaker Heights City School District (that includes Shaker Square) the weekly T.W.I.S. email by Jane Wood, the former long-time editor of Shaker's magazine, is filled with facts about Shaker's government and schools. No gossip and few ads, it goes to thousands of serious readers. In our opinion, Jane Wood deserves a community service medal for her in-depth, fact-based This Week in Shaker coverage of City Council meetings, budgets and more.

Free. To subscribe to TWIS send an email to thisweekinshaker AT sbcglobal DOT net

Cool Cleveland

Thomas Mulready's e-zine, five years old and enormously successful, is wide ranging and lively, but its success has made it quite long and ad-heavy. A great source of information on local happenings and much more. Free. To subscribe or just to read the current issue, visit

City of Cleveland Newsletter

This year we've received two emailed newsletters from Cleveland. Well done, but you may think it 'feels' more like a letter from the mayor, rather than the news of our city. Free. To subscribe send an email to

For Mayor Frank Jackson's 2008 State of the City Address, click here. (pdf)

Cleveland Schools Newsletter

No email newsletter yet, but they are planning to have one.

City of Shaker Heights Newsletter

For Shaker Heights residents. Mainly news of city services and events.
To subscribe, click here.

Shaker Heights Schools Newsletter

Periodic notification of school news and events.
To subscribe, click here.

To report a broken link or to suggest a newsletter, contact us.

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