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Repeal SB 117. "Repeal what?" you ask?

Let me describe Ohio Senate Bill 117 in some other ways:

  • First, it is not 2007's SB 117 that deals with cable television. It's SB 117 from 2006, the bill that reduced consumer rights.

  • It's the bill that former governor Taft (a Republican) wouldn't sign and that Governor Strickland (a Democrat) vetoed hours after taking office. But in August 2007 Ohio's Supreme Court overturned his veto.

  • It's the bill passed by lame-duck state legislators at the behest of mortgage lenders, auto dealers, paint manufacturers and insurance companies. It loaded many unrelated amendments on to a year old bill called "Trina's law." They had no hearings and wouldn't even let (Republican) Attorney General Jim Petro testify against the bill.

  • It's a bill whose results are anti-consumer. By putting a $5,000 limit on non-economic (not out-of-pocket) damages for fraudulent and deceptive business practices, it takes the teeth out of consumer protection laws. Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis writes "S.B. 117 ... effectively gutted S.B. 185 [Ohios new law against Predatory Lending], as well as the rest of the Consumer Sales Practices Act by altering the CSPA’s decades-old language on damages."

November 1, 2007

The referendum petition campaign didn't get enough signatures in time.
The Ohio Supreme Court gave them only 60 days instead of the usual 90 to get the job done. But without a state-wide network or the resources to hire a petition solicitation company, that just wasn't enough time to gather the quarter million voter signatures needed.  But their website will stay online with information on why State Bill 117 (2006) should be repealed. Please visit

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