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SECURITY -- It's time we talked about it!

Next time you are in the vicinity of Cleveland State University, look around. An emergency post will be near you. They are lighted and connected, monitored and located so that each post is viewed by at least one camera.

The message for the public around CSU is that their safety is important. The message for possible trouble-makers is "behave yourself - you are being observed".

Next time you're at the Square, look around.
Is it well lit at night? How about the parking lots? Do you see cameras? Any police presence? Signs of private security? If you see a worrisome, but non-911, situation do you know who to call?

The owners of Shaker Square and the City of Cleveland need to do much more. It will cost them millions in property value, revenue and taxes if they don't. If you are taking constructive steps, tell us. All of us -- those who own businesses and restaurants, who live here, or shop and dine here, or work here, or travel through the Square each day -- deserve to know.

Arnie Berger webkeeper

A security post at Cleveland State University.


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