Four years ago, seven candidates were competing to get on the ballot for Ward 4's seat on Cleveland's City Council. I visited the County Board of Elections where I was given a printout for each candidate that showed each time they had voted in Cuyahoga County. (Note: Which elections someone has voted in is public information. How they voted - their ballot - is secret.)

Three candidates had never voted in Cuyahoga County!

That evening I attended the League of Women Voters Ward 4 Candidates Night. After the candidates had spoken, we were invited to submit written questions. To the three non-voters I wrote: "Why haven't you voted in recent elections?" The moderator would not ask the candidates my questions, because they were seen as personal, and not allowed by the rules. The result was that Ward 4 voters did not know that three candidates who were asking for their support had, themselves, never taken the time to vote.

Now, weeks before the 2021 primary, to help you decide which of the ten candidates to support, this page will show such information.  First, their voting -  the basic duty of every citizen. Second, their residence -  does the candidate live in Ward 4? (Cleveland permits residents to run for the City Council seat in any ward.)

Arnold Berger  (a ward 4 resident since 1992)


(a summary of the BOE information will be entered below)
(voting history begins with the November 2012 elections)

Vanessa Crumb
3188 E 121 St   44120
Cecil Ekechukwu
3626 E 133 St

Ashley R. Evans
13015 Parkhill Ave  44120

Deborah A. Gray
11316 Lardet Ave

Rowland Mitchell
13903 Southington Rd   44120

Mike Shomo
12528 Griffing Ave   OH 44120

Arnold Shurn
3657 E 129Th St  44105

Mario Snowden
13213 Bartlett Ave

Erick B. Walker
3400 E 140Th St Uppr   44120

Craig E. Willis
2984 Becket Rd   44120


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