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Promoting Conversation at DEWEYS Coffee Cafe

DEWEYS Coffee Cafe in the northeast quadrant of Shaker Square is one of the Square's most popular gathering spots. Its manager Nic Greene (aside from the fact that he moved to Cleveland from Hawaii) is a very wise man.

Nic was dismayed to see many customers chatting, not with each other, but on their cell phones talking to distant friends, or ordering at the counter while using their cell phones and not even looking at their barista. So he took a bold step and posted a CUSTOMER ALERT sign. It said "... We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who chooses not to engage in just a few minutes of human-to-human interaction. ...."


Nic Greene with his "Customer Alert"
Dewey Forward can be seen in the back. 

Has the Customer Alert helped? Nic likes to think so.

Stop in and check for yourself. But come willing to talk face to face like in the old days. And yes, cell phones are welcome too.


Did you know ...
that DEWEYS Coffee Cafe was recently voted Cleveland's Best Coffee House. more ...

December 21, 2007

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