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Patrick Shepherd, whose first picture on these pages was of a snow-bound Shaker Square on Easter Sunday in 2007, lives with his partner Jason Lansdale in an apartment building just west of the Square. Now he shares with us more pictures taken from the roof of his building.

When not taking photos for this website, Pat is the Associate Director of the Cleveland International Film Festival which brings more than 52,000 people downtown to Tower City Cinemas each March. He has lived at the Square since 2000 and was recently elected to the Board of the Shaker Square Area Development Corporation. 


on an autumn afternoon

autumn Saturday morning, with the Farmers Market

the northwest quadrant on a Fall afternoon

a December evening with the holiday lights

Autumn, looking northeast

the new bridge at East 121st Street

looling west: St Lukes and downtown

looking west - St Lukes and Innerbelt Bridge

Photos: Patrick Shepherd

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