For those interested in building communities this page has some links to websites and web pages that may be useful. It also lists Cleveland and inner-ring suburban neighborhood websites to see local current practice.

I hope some of these resources will be helpful. Your suggestions for other links are welcome. Email Arnie AT shakersquare DOT net

Arnold Berger

General Building a website

Community Governance

Effective Websites for Community Groups

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference
2001     2005   2006  2007

Organizers Collaborative

MIT Center for Reflective Community Practice

Critical Moments Reflection Technology (ppt)

Digital Storytelling

Community Websites List of Community Development Corporations
(Cleveland Housing Network)
List of Cleveland Development Corporations 
(CSU Neighborhood Link)
Planning Bob Brown - city planning and placemaking
Social Networking in2community
Other Church websites - outreach

Help4NonProfits page
Most Effective Tools for Community Engagement


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