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July 3, 2014


Dear friend of the Square,

Max and Arnie

July 4

At every family gathering I try to rise to praise my grandparents who had the wisdom and courage to come to this wonderful country. The Fourth of July is a very good time to show our gratitude for this great nation. Yes, we are still a work-in-progress, but where else would want you and yours to be?

Another "Shaker Square" incident (7/3/14) (the Plain Dealer) tells of a family dispute near Shaker Square. Reading the story shows it happened near East 120th Street. I was about to logon and make a comment "that's NOT Shaker Square" when I saw that two others had already done that. Let's consider an open house for media people that would include a walk around the Square.

Our tenth anniversary

In February 2004 the Square's former owners defaulted. Amazed to learn that the Square had no website I registered on February 17, 2004. After two weeks of walking the Square and speaking to each merchant and restaurateur, the first version of these ad-free community pages was up and running.

Shake the Square

Many of us were encouraged by the creation of a new website Shake the Square, led by the fine restaurants on the Square. But several months later it looks just as it did back in March. We hope it will soon become alive again.

The SHAD annual meeting

At the January 10, 2014 annual meeting we learned that under the amazing leadership of George Palda our Shaker Square Area Development Corporation survived another year. But with the funds it used to get from urban development and city sources now going to Buckeye-Shaker, this year will be its toughest ever. To learn more and to join, visit

Senior Wednesdays on the Square 

If you are 60 or older, we hope you'll make Senior Wednesdays on the Square a habit. Perhaps the first joint promotion at the Square in years. Reid Robbins would have called it "small ball" and liked the idea.

Website news

This website is ranked #1 by all major search engines. We now have more than 13,000 visitors a month and hope that you find this independent, neighborhood-oriented website useful.

See you on the Square.


Thanks for being one of the more than 13,000
persons who visit each month.


Why are we concerned about promoting Shaker Square?

Some facts:

  • In today's tough economy, Shaker Square needs to promote itself.

  • In 2004, when The Coral Company was campaigning to buy the Square, it promised to promote it vigorously.

  • In addition to rent, the Square's merchants and restauranteurs pay a monthly promotional fee to the Coral Company.

Thus, when we see those promotional funds put to work, we are pleased. And when we don't - like when their website is neglected - we make a point to mention it. 

We also wish that events supported by this promotional fund would be credited as from the restaurants and stores on the Square. First, it might bring them some patronage as an expression of thanks. And second, it's the truth.  AB

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