Forum: Shaker Square - Its Past, Present and Future
July 25, 2017 at the Shaker Heights Main Library

Co-sponsored by the Shaker Heights Public Library and
League of Women Voters - Cleveland and Shaker Chapters

Left to right:
• Peter Rubin (President, The Coral Company)
• Brandon E. Chrostowski (Founder, Edwins Leadership & Restaurant Institute)
• Edward W. Rybka (Chief of Regional Development, City of Cleveland)
• Captain John Sotomayor (Cleveland Police 4th District)
Moderator: Steven Litt The Plain Dealer


Forum: Shaker Square - Its Past, Present and Future

Tuesday evening, July 25, 2017

By:     Arnie Berger, webkeeper

Date:  July 26, 2017 

One line summary:
Best meeting in years. Many improvements coming to the Square.

As I settled in my chair last night in a second-floor classroom at the Shaker Heights Main Library and looked around I thought "The usual suspects are here." for I saw many friends of the Square who I’ve seen at meetings for years. I expected the panelists to tell us of constraints; each one hoping that someone else would take the initiative.

Not so. It was like last night’s Indians - Los Angeles Angels baseball game, where Edwin Encarnación hit a walk-off grand slam home run. But at this meeting it was Peter Rubin, whose Coral Company has owned the Square since September 2004, who hit the grand slam. Not at the end, but about 45 minutes into the 90 minute program.

What did Peter Rubin say? Here's my summary of the key points:

  • The Square, which was only 30 percent occupied when the Coral Company took it over, is now 100 percent occupied.

  • Improved lighting for the Square, a $60,000 investment, will be installed soon.

  • Sixty video cameras will provide electronic surveillance of the Square. They will be monitored 24/7.

  • A collaboration with the North Union Farmers Market, led by Donita Anderson, has nearly completed funding for a HARVEST program, aimed at healthy food practices. The space east of Deweys Coffee House will be committed, free of cost, to the HARVEST initiative.

  • A redesign of the appearance of the Square is being planned.

The Standing Room Only crowd applauded several of these announcements.

We look forward to learning more from Peter Rubin using his own platforms: the Coral Company Shaker Square website (link below) and a news email you can sign up for on that website.

Moderator Steven Litt of the Plain Dealer was firm and well-prepared.

The Cleveland LWV has already published the video of this forum. You'll find a link to the video below.

A personal note: I still remember, in part because it was the day I started this website, the grim Saturday morning meeting at one of the Shaker Square Cinemas theaters. It was February 2004. Key Bank had taken back ownership of the Square. Then-mayor Jane Campbell did her best to reassure the friends of Shaker Square. (That meeting was also SRO.) Perhaps we will soon have another meeting in the same movie theater and hear more about these plans for a brighter future for Shaker Square.

See you on the Square.

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